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Chinese multi-crore loan app fraud and extortion racket dismantled, 8 detained (Ld)


In a major operation, Delhi police busted a multi-million dollar Chinese loan application fraud and extortion racket and arrested eight people from different parts of the country, an official said on Sunday.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (IFSO), KPS Malhotra, told IANS that the defendants allegedly extorted and abused innocent people in the name of making and repaying loans.

Sharing full details of the case, the DCP said a complaint was lodged with the Special Cell IFSO unit by a woman alleging that she was abused and threatened by strangers who sent her altered photographs and vulgar to his family, friends and loved ones via social networks.

“The complainant had taken a loan from a loan app i.e. Cash Advance (Danakredit), she repaid the same on time. But after repaying the said amount, she started receiving calls and messages from threat on WhatsApp from Cash Advance employees,” the senior official said. noted.

The complainant further observed that the alleged scammers were using the profile picture of a “senior police officer”.

As a result, the police registered a case under Sections 354A, 509, 384, 385, 419, 420 and 120-B of the Indian Penal Code at the Special Cell Police Station and started an investigation.

During the investigation, money trails of alleged transactions were established and it was found that the money was transferred to a current account which had been opened in the name of Balaji Technology. Additionally, it was discovered that the technology name Balaji was used in a motorcycle repair shop. The owner of the account was found in the name of Rohit Kumar, a resident of Rajeev Nagar, Delhi.

It was further found that in the alleged account, about Rs 8.45 crore was credited in just 15 days and the same was simultaneously transferred to other accounts.

Subsequently, on March 13, the police carried out coordinated raids in Pitampura and Rohini in Delhi from where defendants namely Rohit Kumar, Vividh Kumar, Puneet and Manish were arrested and the mobile numbers and the devices used in the crime were also recovered from them.

Further on the case of the arrested defendants, Puneet Kumar, his wife Divya who was also found involved in the case was arrested. Later the next day, accused Krishana alias Ravi Shankar was arrested in Jodhpur, Rajasthan on March 14.

“He was the main mastermind in India. It was further discovered that all defrauded amounts were sent to China via cryptocurrency by the accused Krishana. The crypto accounts of three Chinese nationals were identified where the defrauded amount was sent via cryptocurrency,” DCP Malhotra mentioned.

During further investigation, another raid was carried out in Gurugram, Haryana and one accused namely Sumit was arrested who used to call the victims through a fraudulently obtained WhatsApp number . His arrest led to another defendant, namely Kartik Panchal alias Deepak, who was the team leader, leading a team of callers who called the victims. The defendants were found to transform photos of women and even put on nudity.

During the interrogation of all the defendants, it was found that if a necessary person wants to take out a loan through the applications available online, he must first download the said application. At the time of downloading, the app asks for permission to capture, contact list, photo gallery and other personal data from the loan seeker’s phone.

As soon as permission was granted by the loan seeker, all his data was transferred to the Chinese servers. Once this process is completed, the scammers immediately got the loan amount transferred to the account of the loan seeker. One team was tracking these loan seekers and another was calling the loan seekers and their associates like close friends etc through different cell phone numbers to refund the loan seeker’s money. Even after the money was refunded, the alleged accused used to extort more money from the loan seeker and also started sharing the transformed vulgar photos of the loan seeker with his family, relatives and friends. friends to pressure victims into paying more money.

The gang’s second team handled the financial transactions. After receiving the extortion amount in the bank, the defendants used to transfer the money to their masters who sit in China, Hong Kong, Dubai and Nepal after converting it into crypto- change. All gang members received their share based on their role and performance.

The DCP informed that the investigation into the case is ongoing and that more victims and other union members are being identified.



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