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Pros and Cons of Short Term Loans


Life today can be quite difficult, especially when you have to deal with unforeseen expenses such as medical bills while your paycheck is in a few weeks. This is where a short term loan turns out to be the go-to option for most people. Today, it is not a bad thing to take out short term loans as a payday loan to overcome the financial crisis. However, there are pros and cons to taking out a short term loan and you should consider them before applying.

Short term loans are one of the most popular forms of short term borrowing among people. These must be repaid within one month or on the next salary credit to the borrower’s account. Usually such a loan can range from a small amount up to 6 times the monthly salary of the borrower. That is why you must carefully analyze whether it is worth taking a payday loan or any other short-term loan.

Benefits of a short term loan

Short term loans are available without too many inconveniences. You can apply for a short term loan anytime and anywhere. Some registered lenders will process the loan application and after approval the loan amount is directly credited to the borrower’s bank account for use.

There is no need for the elaborate paperwork and long wait times that typical bank loans require. You get cash fast to deal with unforeseen costs that you can’t cover with the cash on hand. You can repay the loan in the coming weeks, usually the next payday.

One of the main advantages of a short term loan is that it can be used even by those who have a bad credit history or who have no collateral to offer. Although banks may require it for personal loan etc., short term loan or payday loan does not require any credit check.

Disadvantages of a short term loan

While these loans are beneficial for people who are in urgent need of money to meet some big and unavoidable expense, it is not as if there is no downside associated with them. For starters, the interest rates for short-term loans are always higher, which means they are more expensive than other types of conventional loans. For example, a payday loan interest rate may be the same as the annual interest rates for an annual loan.

Also, a short-term loan that needs to be paid off the next payday would impact the next month’s finances while you apply for a payday loan. However, this problem can be solved if you choose the loan shark carefully. For example, some loan sharks allow borrowers to pay over several months, unlike those who require full repayment on the next salary credit.

That is why before you apply for a short term loan, you need to calculate and make sure that you have the capacity to repay the loan in full on the next payday credit. When you delay repayment, many lenders charge high late fees that can affect your payday loan interest rate, and there is no reason why you would want to burden yourself with additional costs. Therefore, you should carefully consider the need, try to have more time to pay the bill or the due date, consider borrowing from personal sources and only when nothing works, you should take out a short term loan.

By borrowing only for real needs, you don’t get into the habit of taking out a loan for lifestyle needs just because it’s readily available. Everyone likes to have more money on hand, but the higher interest rate on the loan takes more money out of your pocket than you would normally pay.

Choose the right lender

When you apply for a payday loan or any other short-term loan, you should make sure that you only borrow from a genuine loan shark registered with the Department of Justice. You can go online and check the name of the lender on the department’s list. If not, you should avoid taking out a loan from such a creditor or you could have big problems later.

Once you know the lender is registered, you need to check things like loan interest rate and cost of penalties, other repayment costs and terms, etc. A good lender can charge you an interest rate as low as 2.27% per month and a repayment term of up to 12 months. They will not require any collateral and you can simply apply for a loan by filling out an online application form which takes no more than 5 minutes of your time. Loan officers usually call back within one day and after approval, the amount is credited to your bank account.

So as long as you have a real need and have a repayment plan / capacity, go ahead and live worry-free by taking out a short term loan to handle your emergency cash needs.

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CFPB Overcomes Payday Loan Rule Challenge | Goodwin


On August 31, 2021, the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas issued a notice maintaining the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rule regulating payday loans. Community Financial Services Association of America, LTD., Et al. v. CFPB, Case No.1: 18-CV-00295 (WD TX.) (Community v. CFPB).

As a reminder, on November 17, 2017, the CFPB had issued the rule “on salary, vehicle title and certain high-cost installment loans” (rule). The rule included an underwriting provision, which prohibits lenders from making secured loans “without reasonably determining that consumers will have the capacity to repay the loans” and a payment provision, which prohibits some lenders from attempting to opt out. a consumer’s account after two failed withdrawal attempts without further authorization from the consumer. In 2020, the Supreme Court ruled that the CFPB leadership structure was unconstitutional. Seila Law LLC v. CFPB, 140 S. Ct. 2183, 2192 (2020) (Seila Law). A few weeks after the Seila Law decision, the CFPB ratified the rule payments provision. 85 Fed. Reg. 4 1 905-02 (July 13, 2020).

Community c. CFPB was brought on behalf of lenders and businesses affected by the Rule and ratification of the Rule. Community c. CFPB relied on Seila Law to present a direct challenge to the payment provision of the rule. Ultimately, the district court rejected all of the plaintiffs’ arguments as to why the payment arrangements should be set aside. The district court noted that the Supreme Court had ruled that “[Seila Law] maintenance to act does not mean that the actions taken by such an agent are void ab initio and must be undone. In addition, the district court ruled that the ratification of the rule was “valid and had remedied the constitutional damage”. The plaintiffs also argued that one of its members had submitted a regulatory request to change the rule to exclude debit card payments from the payments provision, and the CFPB’s denial of this request was arbitrary. and capricious. The District Court disagreed, finding that the CFPB had “made the rational connection between the facts found and the choice made when it chose to include” debit card payments in the Rule. .

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6 best cash advance apps (instant money)


Moyo Studio / Getty Images

Every now and then, you may be stuck in a situation where you are in dire need of money. If you don’t have a friend around who could lend you extra money, you can turn to an institution for help. However, the processing times of conventional lenders can often last for weeks.

Payday loans have been around for a long time, but lenders can charge huge fees. In fact, payday interest rates can exceed 600%.

6 best cash advance apps

Fortunately, there are apps that let you borrow money, which makes it easier for you to get urgent money within minutes. Not only is the processing fast, but it also takes less than five minutes to start applying for a loan. Plus, the fees are much better than traditional payday loans.

Here are six apps that let you borrow money:

1. Dave: Ideal for small loans

If you have a minor expense that can’t wait for your next paycheck, Dave is an option you may want to consider. If you have a Dave expense account, you will have access to larger loans.

  • Rising: $ 5 to $ 100 if you don’t have an expense account, but up to $ 200 if you have a Dave expense account.
  • Processing time: 3 days
  • Refund: By default, this is the day your next paycheck arrives, but you can change the date.
  • Costs: Dave charges a subscription fee of $ 1 which is paid monthly. You can unsubscribe if you wish. Plus, you can tip 20% or less on the loan you took out – it’s optional.

2. Empower: Great for quick cash advances

Empower offers you cash advances of up to $ 250 with no late fees or interest. Plus, you can use the Empower Card to get up to 10% cash back on your purchases at specific merchants. The card also offers free transactions at 37,000 ATMs across the country.

Best of all, Empower cardholders receive their paychecks up to two days in advance.

Rising: Up to $ 250

Processing time: 2 days

Refund: On your next paycheck

Costs: No interest, credit checks or late fees

3. Earn: Best for Income Based Borrowing

Earnin has a unique loan system where its app tracks the number of hours you have worked and allows you to access your money based on your income.

Additionally, the app has a notification feature that alerts you if your bank balance is low.

  • Rising: $ 100 to $ 500
  • Processing time: Typically, processing time is 1-2 business days, but you can get your money’s worth instantly if you go for Earnin’s lighting speed.
  • Refund: During your next troubleshooting
  • Costs: Earnin uses a voluntary tip model. Typically, the voluntary tip is set at $ 14 by default. If you want to benefit from the overdraft protection feature, you must set a recurring tip of at least $ 1.50. However, if no overdraft protection is required, the tip can be set at $ 0.

4. PayActiv: Ideal for short term loans

PayActive is more than just an app that lets you borrow money. In fact, it also allows users to pay their bills and get discounts on some department stores and prescription drugs. Check the stores associated with PayActiv and use your discounts right in the app. For example, you can get 10 cents per gallon with Murphy USA.

The app lets you see what you’ve earned and lets you access it when you need it. Plus, you can pay your bills directly through the app.

In addition, the app allows you to book Uber rides using your earned salary.

  • Rising: A fixed percentage of what you earn
  • Processing time: You can get your earned salary instantly if your employer is also using the app.
  • Refund: Not required since you are paid for what you have already earned.
  • Costs: PayActiv is free if you deposit your paycheck directly on your Payactiv card. If you don’t, you will be charged a $ 1 per day charge for each day you use cash access, load the card, and pay the bill. If you choose to pick up cash at a Walmart store or use Instant Deposit on another card, you will need to pay a processing fee of $ 1.99.

5. Brigit: Ideal for same day loans

Brigit allows you to borrow $ 250 on the same day as your request, as long as your request is submitted by 10 a.m. EST.

However, you must use the company’s monthly plan to access this feature.

  • Rising: $ 50 to $ 250
  • Processing time: You get your loan the same day if you apply by 10 a.m. EST. Otherwise, the money is deposited into your account the next business day.
  • Refund: The app sets the repayment date according to your income schedule. You can also postpone this once if you have repaid two advances on time.
  • Costs: The Paid Plus plan costs 9.99 per month.

6. MoneyLion: Great for multiple options

In addition to offering you a loan, MoneyLion offers many other features, such as financial tracking and investment accounts.

  • Rising: $ 50 to $ 250. You can lend larger amounts if you have a MoneyLion checking account.
  • Processing time: You get your loan in 12 to 48 hours if you have an account and in 3 to 5 days otherwise.
  • Refund: On your next troubleshooting. If your account is empty for five days after your payday date, you will have to pay late fees.
  • Costs: You can pay an optional tip. In addition, there is a charge of $ 3.99 for instant delivery if you are an account holder and $ 4.99 otherwise.

Our in-house research team and on-site financial experts work together to create accurate, unbiased and up-to-date content. We check every statistic, quote and fact using reliable primary resources to make sure the information we provide is correct. You can read more about GOBankingRates processes and standards in our Editorial Policy.

About the Author

Scott Jeffries is a seasoned Florida-based technology professional. He writes on the topics of business, technology, digital marketing and personal finance. After earning his bachelor’s degree in management information systems with a minor in business, Scott worked for 15 years in the technology field. He has helped Fortune 100 company startups bring software products to life. When not writing or creating software, he can be found reading or spending time outdoors with his children.

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Instant App-Based Loans Could Get You Into The Debt Trap


The adoption of technology amid covid-19 in the Indian financial ecosystem is accelerating. Over the past 18 months, banks and NBFCs have quickly adapted to this change. At the same time, we have also seen a record increase in the launch of fintech applications in India. A recent study by application analytics firm AppsFlyer found that India had the world’s highest number of installs for financial apps from January 2019 to March 2021. With 1.49 billion downloads, the India topped the universe of fintech apps, followed by Brazil and Indonesia at 500 million and 400 million, respectively. The promise of real-time access to loans makes instant app loans more attractive (on the surface) than personal loans from established banks, especially for urgent needs. However, borrowing in a hurry could be your first step towards a potential debt trap and a ruined credit rating.

Recently, the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) blocked 27 loan applications that flouted RBI guidelines. You should always watch out for red flags and opt for lenders associated with RBI registered banks and NBFCs. Let us list some of the red flags to watch out for when using instant loans.

Usurers: Regulators in advanced economies such as the UK and the US have issued strict guidelines against loan sharks offering instant payday loans. For app-based lenders in India, there is still quite a bit of regulatory ground to cover. Therefore, it can be difficult for customers to identify unscrupulous applications up front. Always ask about the effective interest rate, the term and the penalty. Don’t overlook the default terms and conditions. High processing fees and a daily default penalty can turn the borrowing experience into a nightmare.

Credit check: Getting a credit check from your lender is good for you. By taking a look at your credit history, the lender guarantees an affordable interest rate for the loan. However, borrowing when there is no credit history can lead to usurious rates and you can enter a dangerous area. Therefore, in the absence of a suitable credit history, reduce borrowing.

Conservative loans: Don’t be swayed by offers that are too good to be true. Respect your repayment capacity and borrow only within the limits of your own funds. You should never borrow to repay past loans except for a strategically planned debt consolidation loan from a registered bank or the NBFC.

Check the credentials of the lender: A mobile app lender does not report directly to the RBI. They get their loans from registered banks and NBFC. A legitimate lender will communicate the terms transparently and share a sanction letter, loan agreement, and EMI amortization schedule prior to disbursement. However, a scammer will have every reason not to share their license and policy documents.

Advance payments and pressure for a quick decision: Another red flag is an online application asking for prepayment or fees before disbursing loans. Do not play into the game of an arrogant lender.

Protect your data: A loan app will always ask for your permission and share the details of the action it wants to take with your data. Your smartphone is a storehouse of your personal data, photos and other sensitive information. Take a minute to review the type of permission you are granting. An app that doesn’t share the details is better left untreated.

Seek professional help: In a world where you have thousands of lenders, it is best to seek professional help. You can register on a loan marketplace website or app and compare different offers. Lending marketplaces also do not fall under the direct regulation of the RBI. But they do due diligence in choosing their loan partners. A loan expert will guide you through the eligibility, interest rate, and terms of the loan at no additional cost.

The risks of online fraud are limitless. Whether you are exposed to an online scam or find one, file a complaint at www.cybercrime.gov.in or visit the nearest cybercrime police station.

Raj Khosla is the Founder and Managing Director of MyMoneyMantra.com

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New Money by Afterpay app will lend Australians $ 200 in cash


Afterpay co-founder Nick Molnar will spot the $ 200 Australians. (Tabatha Pompier, Getty Images for BFC)
  • Afterpay switches to buy now, pay later response to short term loans.
  • The $ 36 billion company will allow customers to retrospectively convert their purchases into BNPL transactions as part of its new Money app.
  • It will essentially “hunt” for customers up to $ 200 per week, with Afterpay charging late fees on missed refunds every fortnight.
  • Visit the Business Insider Australia homepage for more stories.

The country’s largest buy it now company (BNPL) is looking to expand its offering to something more like a short-term loan.

Money by Afterpay, BNPL’s personal finance app slated to launch around November, will offer spot customers $ 200 per week as part of its latest product showcase.

Called “Retro,” the feature will allow customers to retrospectively transform an existing outright purchase into a buy-it-now and pay-out transaction, whether or not the merchant accepts Afterpay.

In practice, this means that Afterpay will effectively return customers up to $ 200 at a time in cash, which they will then reimburse in four installments.

Much like its other BNPL purchases, the feature is free if refunds are made on time, with the first not due for two weeks. Late fees are always charged and functionality always counts towards a customer’s spending limit.

It is also subject to certain additional requirements. On the one hand, qualifying transactions must be made on the Money debit card and must be retrospectively converted to BNPL debt within 72 hours.

Afterpay – which has been criticized for encouraging young people to take on debt – touts Money as a “money management” tool and says Retro was one of its features most requested by customers.

“As we continue to develop the Money experience, we are creating a platform for customers to change the way they think about their money,” said Lee Hatton, executive vice president of new platforms.

“Customers can forgo payday advance applications or overdraft facilities in favor of a single, fee-free solution. “

Certainly, there is no shortage of companies like this trying to reframe payday loans and payday advances for a digital generation, and in the midst of a BNPL boom.

Yet while Afterpay’s offer doesn’t hit customers with the same type of fees, which are sometimes exorbitant, it is also not subject to the same type of credit restrictions that protect users of credit products. more traditional. This is despite piggybacking money on Westpac’s banking infrastructure.

Instead, he found himself largely pioneering the no man’s land between traditional credit and predatory lending, and given the leeway to do so.

Money by Afterpay seems poised to assert that first-come advantage and dive even deeper into uncharted territory.

As he clashes with big tech companies, big banks, and a slew of smaller direct competitors, he might be grateful for a small open space.

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Consumer Reports: Alternatives to Payday Loans If You Are Having Difficulty Making Ends Meet | WWTI



CONSUMPTION REPORTS – If you’re struggling to pay your bills, you might want to consider a payday loan. But beware: even with some recent reforms, many of these loans still come with high fees and very high interest rates. The good news: There are alternatives – and as Consumer Reports explains, you just need to know where to look.

Missy Juliette was struggling to pay her rent and overdue utility bills. As a last resort, she turned to payday lenders.

As Missy says “I had run out of credit cards and had already asked my family for help with
passed, so I couldn’t go see them anymore… I was embarrassed.

Missy borrowed $ 730 in two separate loans. One of those loans had a whopping 266 percent interest rate, and she struggled to repay them.

And sadly, for millions of people like Missy who need emergency cash fast, payday lenders are truly one of the few options available. – But that may soon change.

Brian Vines, Consumer Reports investigative reporter, said, “The pandemic has really exacerbated the problems with payday lenders, especially in low-income and black communities. So what we have seen is this push to provide better and fairer banking services to these communities. “

What can you do now if you need urgent cash quickly? First, try to find a community development financial institution near you.

“CDFIs are financial service providers, like a bank or a credit union, whose mission is to bring financial services to low-income communities, places that many traditional banks have largely excluded. – Brian Vines, Consumer Reports investigative reporter.

Joining a CDFI can be affordable – offering free or low cost banking services with
an initial deposit as small as 25 dollars.

Another avenue that you can take is to find a nonprofit organization with a payment relief program. That’s what Missy ultimately did, enlisting the help of Exodus Lending, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people get out of payday loan debt. They consolidated his loans with no fees and no interest.

Missy is in better financial shape. “So instead of $ 50 to $ 200 in fees per month, I’m making an interest payment of $ 80 per month per year, and that has helped me a lot.”

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Online Payday Loans In Las Vegas


What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a loan of a large amount and for a short period of time with a sum of money, usually $ 500 or less, intended to be repaid with the borrower’s next paycheck. Payday loans are generally given to people with bad or no credit and simply require income and a bank account. Financial experts advise avoiding payday loans, especially if the borrower may not be able to repay the loan immediately, and offer alternative loan options instead.

Where can I get a payday loan in Las Vegas?

Obtain a LV on salary, or anywhere else in Nevada, is an easy process. First and foremost, you need to determine if a payday loan is the best option for you in a financial emergency. Before taking out a payday loan, explore traditional bank loans or borrow money from friends and relatives. Then, when you have decided that a payday loan is the best option for you, you will need to complete an application. This can be done over the Internet, over the phone or in person.

How Much Money Can You Borrow In Las Vegas With A Payday Loan?

LV payday loans are accessible up to $ 4,000 in the state. You will have to meet more stringent conditions determined by factors such as your credit rating, income, and your ability to repay the loan. Whenever possible, use installment loans in Las Vegas to borrow larger sums.

Online Payday Loans

Suppose you have an urgent financial difficulty, such as complex and expensive treatment, the purchase of household appliances, or car repair. In this situation, you may need to turn to online payday loans. Borrowing money from friends isn’t always a good idea because they can’t always help. You can also go to the bank, but keep in mind that institutions have strict standards for potential borrowers. It is more convenient to take out payday loans from the credit companies. You will benefit from the following advantages:

  • The ability to get money without having to leave your home.
  • A minimal set of documents
  • In a few minutes, you will be able to apply it.

Online Payday Loan Approval

To get a loan online these days, you will need a good internet connection. Apply for a payday loan using your PC or any mobile device with stable internet access. Before the money is transferred to your bank account, your request must go through a verification process.

What are the loan company requirements for applicants?

  • To begin with, a person must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for a payday loan.
  • Have a stable income that is supported by documentary evidence.
  • A person cannot serve in the military.
  • A person should not depend on others.

Do not try to embellish the facts because they will be carefully checked. Remember that the majority of companies offer payday loans for those with bad credit. Don’t despair if you have a negative credit history; you still have a chance to be approved for payday loans.

How many payday loans can a person get?

Payday loans are regulated by law. Lending agencies must strictly follow state lending regulations, and a single borrower can take out a single payday loan. Loans can be granted with a 90 day grace period in between. This means that in any given year, a person can be eligible for four payday loans. Before you apply for a loan or apply for a loan, make sure that you will be able to pay it back.

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Borrowers Must Arbitrate “Rent-a-Tribe” Payday Loan Case, 9th Circuit Rules


The James R. Browning US Court of Appeals building, seat of the 9th US Court of Appeals, in San Francisco, California, February 7, 2017. REUTERS / Noah Berger

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  • 9th circuit splits from three circuits in tribal internet payday loan case
  • The borrowers alleged they had to pay interest rates of over 400%

The names of companies and law firms shown above are generated automatically based on the text of the article. We are improving this functionality as we continue to test and develop in beta. We appreciate comments, which you can provide using the comments tab on the right of the page.

(Reuters) – A divided federal appeals court ruled on Thursday that a private investor in an online payday loan company could force borrowers to arbitrate claims they were billed at illegal annual interest rates of more than 400% via a so-called “rent-a” -tribu “.

The 9th United States Court of Appeals 2-1 decision for Haynes Investments, which provided capital to lender Think Finance Capital, departed from rulings of three other appellate courts that refused to require arbitration in similar tribal Internet payday loan cases.

US Circuit Judge William Fletcher noted this fact in a clearly worded dissent, saying the first reading of the majority of payday loan arbitration agreements “will unduly force vulnerable borrowers into arbitration.”

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The majority said a provision of the arbitration agreement contained in borrowers’ loan documents that delegated to an arbitrator, rather than a court, the ability to decide whether claims should be arbitrated was enforceable.

The borrowers had argued that the delegation provision and the agreement as a whole were inapplicable, as it required consumers to waive any claims they had made under federal law by dictating that tribal law would govern any damage. or recourse.

The ruling stems from a class action lawsuit proposed in 2018 by California consumers who said they borrowed from entities belonging to two Native American tribes who in turn received funding from Think Finance.

They accused the lender, its owner, and investors such as Haynes of engaging in a “rent-a-tribe” program, in which loans were made by the consumer to evade consumer protection laws. through Native American tribes who could claim sovereign immunity.

The lawsuit charged them with violating federal racketeering law and California’s interest rate limits. Haynes requested binding arbitration, but a judge found the agreement effectively waived borrowers’ rights to pursue federal claims.

U.S. Circuit Judge Danielle Forrest, writing for the majority, disagreed, saying nothing in the contract prevented borrowers from arguing that the deal was unenforceable under federal law before the referee, although she admits that it may sound “absurd” and that a referee may find that they cannot.

“While courts may find arbitration agreements unpleasant or unfair in some contexts, especially where they limit the rights and remedies of consumers, Congress and the Supreme Court have asked us to respect arbitration agreements like any other contractual agreement, ”she wrote.

Forrest and US circuit judge Lawrence VanDyke, who joined his decision, were appointed by former Republican President Donald Trump. Fletcher was a candidate for former Democratic President Bill Clinton.

Richard Scheff, an attorney for Armstrong Teasdale who argued for Haynes, said he was “grateful for the careful consideration of this matter by the entire panel.”

Matthew Wessler, a borrower lawyer at Gupta Wessler, declined to comment.

Think Finance filed for bankruptcy in 2017. At the time, it was the subject of lawsuits from borrowers, the Pennsylvania attorney general and the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau later that year. also sued Think Finance.

Several cases have since been settled nationwide against Think Finance and other defendants, resulting in settlements worth approximately $ 100 million.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Circuits have refused to require arbitration in cases involving similar internet tribal payday loans involving provisions delegating the issue of enforcement to arbitrators, finding these clauses to be invalid.

The case is Brice v. Haynes Investments, 9th U.S. Court of Appeals, No. 19-15707.

For the Complainants: Matthew Wessler of Gupta Wessler

For Haynes Investments: Richard Scheff of Armstrong Teasdale

Related stories:

Believes Finance faces CFPB lawsuit over tribal loans – ruling

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Quick Payday Loans Online in Wichita Kansas


Let’s start by defining payday loans. The term has different definitions, but in most cases it refers to a short-term loan provided by a lender (until you receive the next paycheck). Depending on the region, you can get $ 30 to $ 2,500 in cash. Payday loans are regulated differently in each state and can be obtained in one of two ways: online or through physical lenders. Everything you need to know about getting a loan fast in Wichita, Kansas, can be found here.

The appeal of payday loans is at an all time high right now. Regardless of the positive and negative perceptions, quick loans remain a useful tool for budgeting. A chronic shortage of cash can be even more frustrating than a one-time monetary emergency. The wonderful thing about short term loans is that they can help you solve both difficulties at the same time.

Reasons to get a payday loan in Wichita, Kansas

There are a multitude of reasons why you might need the extra funds. If you find yourself in either of these cases, however, Wichita Payday can help.

  • Your bank has refused you a loan. A personal economic crisis can strike anyone at any time. But the truth is, getting a bank loan or home loan modification isn’t easy, and convincing a lender can take a month or even a year. It is easier to get a quick loan than a short term loan to cover your mortgage and bills.
  • You struggle to pay for your utilities, housing, bills and supplies. This is the main reason why you need a quick loan. About 70% of people in the United States use minor loan advances to cover their daily expenses or meet consumer needs. Credit card bills, utilities, rent, and expensive groceries are some of these expenses. These borrowers are constantly strapped for funds and rely on cash loans to make ends meet.
  • Your credit card debt needs to be paid off. You know how credit card companies collect debts and repayments. They start to contact you five times a day and send you rude messages until you pay the full amount. You also run the risk of maximizing your credit card. A cash advance can be used to cover the cost of the overdraft in this situation. Payday cash loans are beneficial for both of these reasons.
  • You don’t want to depend on your family and friends for money. Some people are unable to overcome their fear of seeking financial assistance from loved ones. If this describes you, then an online payday loan in Wichita, Kansas (KS) can help you receive cash to deal with your situation without involving your family.
  • You have to pay off a debt that will cost you dearly if you don’t. If you miss a payment, you could face hefty penalties or lose some of your possessions, such as household items or even a car, depending on the type of agreement you make with other lenders. This is one of those cases where the loan interest you have to pay will be a minor inconvenience compared to your large debt.

The costs and regulations involved with payday loans in Wichita, Kansas

Here are the fees you can expect when applying for a loan online in Wichita, Kansas:

  • Credit charges. Payday lenders cannot charge more than $ 1 per $ 5 borrowed if the loan amount is less than $ 30.
  • APR at its highest level. You can expect the maximum annual interest rate when taking out a 14-day $ 100 loan to be 309%.
  • Acquisition fee. If your payday loan is between $ 30 and $ 100, you can expect to pay a legitimate sales charge of one-tenth of the amount borrowed. If the amount of your loan exceeds $ 100, the acquisition costs cannot exceed $ 10.
  • This is the maximum amount. The maximum amount for a payday loan in Wichita, Kansas, is not listed.
  • The maximum period for the payday (https://www.paydaywichita.com/apply-now.html) in Wichita, Kansas (KS) ranges from one week to 31 days (approximately one month).

What Do You Need To Sign Up In Wichita, Kansas For A Payday Loan?

Each state, including Wichita, Kansas, has its own rules and regulations governing payday loans. Know these laws before you apply for a loan so that you understand how the process works. This knowledge can help you avoid paying excessive fees and interest rates.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible. In the United States, lending money to someone under the age of 18 is illegal. So if you are over 18, you have met the first criteria.
  • You must be a legal resident of Wichita, Kansas. To receive a payday loan in Wichita, Kansas, you must first establish your legal residency by submitting your details. After that, getting a loan is inevitable.
  • Your negative credit is not a problem, but you will still need a stable source of income and a monthly income of at least $ 1,000. This way, they can be sure that you will be able to repay the loan.
  • You’ll need a phone number and an active email address to get quick approval. They will not be able to notify you unless you provide this information.
  • Finally, you don’t have to be a bankrupt debtor.

They only need a few personal details from you, such as your social security card, name and location, and an indication of how much you want to borrow. After providing them with the necessary information, they will contact you to check all the terms of service of the contract after reviewing it.


In an emergency, a small cash advance can be a valuable and practical asset. However, keep in mind that this form of loan will not solve major financial problems. Taking too many loans from multiple organizations at once is not a good idea, as you risk compromising your financial security.

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Grant County Organizations Create Loan Program to Replace Emergency Payday Loans


Ella Abbott

Two organizations are teaming up to provide small loans to residents of Grant County, in an effort to discourage the use of high interest payday loans. The “Bridge the Gap” loan program aims to create better financial literacy and help residents lift themselves out of poverty.

Grant County has the third highest poverty rate in Indiana, at 16% in 2019, according to the U.S. census. Grant County-based Afena Credit Union has developed a program to try to reduce this percentage.

Experts say showcases payday loans and the cycle of debt can increase wealth disparities, especially for communities of color.

Marion is the seat of Grant County and is home to nearly 15% African Americans, according to the 2019 U.S. Census.

Afena CEO Karen Madrey said emergency high interest loans can lead to a cycle of borrowing and repayment.

“When you’re in a very poor community, it makes the residents of the community a bit more vulnerable,” Madrey said. “And we know there are lenders going after it.”

Madrey said one of her goals is to make the credit union aim to provide equitable financial services to those who are financially vulnerable or marginalized.

The “Bridge the Gap” program gives members immediate access to small loans from $ 500 to $ 2,500 with interest rates as low as 4.25%, unlike payday loans where the average interest rate. is almost 400%.

Dawn Brown is the CEO of the Grant County Community Foundation. Almost three years ago, the foundation embarked on a new strategic plan. One element was to launch an impact investing strategy in which foundations take a portion of their endowment and invest it in programs that can impact the community.

In this case, the foundation took a million dollars and invested it in the Bridge the Gap loan program.

Brown said it was at a luncheon where she and Madrey made the decision to try and team up. Afena had been approved as a Community Development Financial Institution or CDFI, which meant it could provide loans to families who might otherwise not be able to obtain them.

“I presented it to my board of directors when COVID arrived because I knew that at that point these families were in an even more difficult situation than they had been before,” said Brown.

But payday loans created a cycle of indebtedness long before the start of the pandemic. Yasmin Farahi is Senior Policy Advisor at the Center for Responsible Lending, or CRL. She said there are 262 payday loan storefronts in Indiana alone.

“It’s a major problem in Indiana, which drains more than $ 300 million from working Hoosier families over five years,” Farahi said.

CRL’s mission is to ensure a fair and inclusive market for all creditworthy borrowers. Farahi advises organizations and lawmakers working to eliminate abusive lending practices.

Farahi said the one-time emergency loan was a myth.

“They are relying on people with more than 10 loans a year, unable to meet the conditions and end up being unable to escape the debt cycle,” Farahi said.

Sherry Dixon is the Principal Ambassador for the Bridge the Gap program. Her job is to go into the community and tell people about the program and encourage them to apply for a loan if they need it.

She said the position gives her the opportunity to get out into the community and help people without them feeling judged for their credit score or budget.

“I’m actually here to offer advice on how to improve your credit report, tips on how to start making a monthly budget,” Dixon said.

As of March 1, nearly 80 loans had been issued, lending more than $ 170,000 to members with an average credit score of 414, including 21 participants with a credit score of zero.

Madrey said she wants the credit union to teach people how to manage their finances and help them achieve their financial goals.

All loan officers are certified financial advisers. Each person who receives a loan will also benefit from free personalized financial coaching.

“One of the reasons I’m so passionate about this topic is that no one has ever told me,” Madrey said. “I learned by making mistakes.”

As members repay their loans, the money is deposited into a separate savings account to help them build an emergency fund.

Dixon said people were very receptive and grateful for the program.

“I know we’re not supposed to kiss each other, you know about social distancing,” Dixon said. “I got hugs from new members, I got a few tears from new members. I got nothing but happy remarks.

Speaking to anyone from Afena or the Community Foundation, it is clear that the program is first and foremost about the people they can help.

Brown said that while there is always a return on the Community Foundation’s investment, from members paying interest, that is not the only result they are looking for with the program.

“But the main reason we would be able to do that is social feedback,” Brown said.

Madrey said the program is designed to help people get back on their feet once they return to work. In order to receive the loan, members must have a source of income, which they can show with two pay stubs.

“This is to help close any gap they have due to their lack of COVID,” Madrey said.

Monthly payments can be as low as $ 35 and members are encouraged to make weekly payments of $ 10 to ensure they always pay on time. The focus is on low-income families with incomes of 200 percent or less of federal poverty guidelines.

While other programs have seen lockdowns due to COVID-19, the Bridge the Gap program has been pushed forward by this one.

“It was kind of brought to the fore once we started seeing some of these true stories that our families were going through,” Brown said. “And we wanted to see what we could do to give them some relief, some stability and maybe just a little bit of hope.”

With an investment of $ 5 million over five years, Madrey said she hopes to see their community’s poverty rate drop.

As the Bridge the Gap loan seeks to end the loan cycle in Grant County, Fahari said there are organizations and lawmakers working to end it at the state level.

“There is a way to stop this,” Farahi said. “So 17 states over DC have stopped predatory payday loans with a rate cap of around 36%.”

An Indiana Statehouse bill has been making its way through the legislature since 2018. Farahi said passing those rate caps is the most effective way to end payday loan debt cycles.

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